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New 168 mm for compressed air – vacuum – neutral gases (21/04/2011)

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New - 168mm (DN 150-6”) Transair aluminium pipe system for compressed air – vacuum – neutral gases








A technology which combines all Transair advantages

  • A full range in aluminium: aluminium pipe and aluminium fittings with NBR seals.

  • Easy and reliable assembly:

  • Pipe and fittings are supplied ready for immediate installation
  • Quick assembly – no need to weld, glue or crimp
  • Easy to install.
  • Completely dismountable and reusable components for adaptable modular networks.

  • High resistance to: corrosion, aggressive environments, mechanical shocks, thermal variations, U.V, compressor oil carry over. Suitable for both inside and outside use.

  • High quality pipe and components: components are guaranteed for 10 years. Transair pipe has a highly resistant protective lacquer coating and is QUALICOAT certified.

  • Transair 168mm is guaranteed to be silicone free.


Transair 168mm, an economical, reliable and efficient alternative to traditional steel networks

=>Improved flow capability
=>No corrosion, no leaks

=>Easier identification

=>Reduced assembly time and installation costs

=>Greater overall savings

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