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A user-friendly web-based interface makes it easy for users to view and analyse data to ensure the system is running at optimum levels for pressure, power, temperature, humidity and flow. A clever 4-20mA wireless transmitter allows other equipment to be connected to the system to make their data available at the interface.

Monitoring this information allows the identification and addressing of performance issues before damage to expensive equipment occurs. The Transair Condition Monitoring System helps keep overall costs down by avoiding unnecessary downtime and prolonging the life of job-critical equipment.

The Transair Condition Monitoring System augments Parker’s already popular Transair aluminium piping system. Known for its high-performance and effective use in a wide range of industries, Transair’s corrosion-resistant, guaranteed leak-free components and ‘full bore’ design make it ideal for use with compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas systems ensuring long-term, consistently clean, quality air.

Pairing a Transair system with the Transair Condition Monitoring System will further a company’s savings by helping to identify ways to increase air efficiency, decrease maintenance costs and prevent unwanted scrap, thus reducing a plant’s overall costs.