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Transair Flow Calculator (23/12/2010)

The NEW TRANSAIR FLOW CALCULATOR, a tool to help you to size your networks.


The NEW Transair Flow Calculator is an easy and quick sizing aid.

Enter :
  • the flow of your compressor
  • the system pressure rating
  • the total equivalent length of the system

Your network is sized :

  • with the most suitable diameter
  • with an estimation of the pressure drop and with a maximum flow rate

Very easy to use :

In only 3 steps, we have the appropriate Transair pipe diameters depending on network pipe specifications

  • The new Transair Flow Calculator includes all the diameters of Transair calibrated rigid aluminium pipes: 16.5 – 25 .40 -63 -76 – 100 mm and the new 168 mm.
  • Possibility to size diameters of compressed air and nitrogen network.
  • Intuitive use and help bubbles.
  • Save your preferred units.
  • Comparison of the results with steel pipe.
  • Possibility to print a well presented report.
  • Already available in : French, English, US English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Request it through the www.parkertransair.com website contact form or directly by sending an email to transair@parker.com