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Transair Energy Efficiency Calculator

Transair offers new energy efficiency software designed to calculate the overall savings provided by use of a Transair system in comparison with systems constructed in traditional materials.

The Transair Energy Efficiency Calculator software determines the savings and the ROI timeframe using compressor data, such as the pressure, power or throughput, the number of annual service hours, the type of dryer, plus data from the network, such as the length of the main circuit, the type of open or closed circuit, the pipe material used and the local cost of electricity, including an inflation factor. The results speak for themselves and demonstrate that Transair is the most efficient solution and the best option in the long term.
Whether you are extending or renovating an existing system or installing a new one, you can contribute to your company’s performance and help to protect the environment by opting for Transair.

An example of a success story using the Transair Energy Saving Calculator in an industrial facility:

An industrial facility looking for ways to cut costs and improve their processes; the Transair distributor conducted an analysis of the current steel pipe system using the Transair Energy Savings Calculator and our analysis form. He discovered nearly £9 000 of potential annual energy savings and a payback period of 24 months.

This proposed project comprises 300m of 63mm pipe and 240m of 25mm pipe. The customer immediately placed their purchase order for the project because of the quick payback and greater efficiency of the proposed Transair system.

Energy saving is an issue of current concern among owners, engineers, and contractors.
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Transair Vacuum Calculator

The Transair Vacuum Calculator helps you to choose the most suitable diameter for your vacuum network. You enter the flow of your pump, pressure, the length of your main ring, the Transair Vacuum Calculator gives you the most suitable diameter for your vacuum installation.

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Transair Flow Calculator

The Transair Flow calculator helps you to choose the most suitable diameter for your own installation. You enter the flow of your compressor (f.a.d.), with pressure rating, the total equivalent length of your system and whether the system is a closed loop (ring main) or straight run. With a single click the calculator then recommends the most suitable Transair diameter (pressure drop less than 5% ).

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